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Stainless Steel Bike Racks Sheffield Bike Racks / Cycle Stands


Our versatile Sheffield cycle stands are a simple and inexpensive solution to cycle parking and can accommodate any number of
cycles. Sheffield cycle stands can be surface mounted providing the existing surface is of good quality, sub surface fixedinto the ground for extra security or in toast rack formation. If a sub-surface installation is required we recommend that the Sheffield cycle stands aresubmerged 250mm into the ground to provide extra security. When used singly, Sheffield cycle stands can also be mounted onto metal flat plate which allows for even greater stability once fixed to the surface. To allow cycles to be parked comfortably either side of the Sheffield cycle stands, the recommended space between each cycle stand is 800mm minimum.


Brushed or polished Stainless Steel options are also availble on request.

stainless cycle rack


Stainless bike rack


Surface mounted bike rack


cycle rack